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Black Kohl Ithmid Eyeliner Powder (Lab Tested: No Added Lead) 20g

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Our Black Kohl Ithmid Eyeliner Powder is Alhamdulilah back in stock! Best Seller!

  • Black Kohl Ithmid Eyeliner Powder (Lab Tested) 20g
  • Kohl Ithmid is a dark grey, shiny stone which is finely ground into a powder and bottled
  • Our Kohl Ithmid has been lab tested to ensure it has no added lead
  • (Free P&P on orders £20 & over UK only. £2.99 P&P on orders less than £20 UK only)

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15 reviews for Black Kohl Ithmid Eyeliner Powder (Lab Tested: No Added Lead) 20g

  1. Anonymous

    Great quality & well packaged-as always Alhumdulillah

  2. Sofia Butt

    Absolutely amazing kohl Allahumma barik. I wear this daily before going to bed in accordance with the Sunnah but also love the beautification aspect – this product is so much better than normal pencil eyeliner as it never smudges horribly nor does it irritate my eyes. The product is a dark grey in the bottle but looks black when applied. Will always purchase this inshaAllah xx


    Masha Allah very nice product. Thank you sooooo much for providing real product with lab tested. I am in love with this Kohl Ithmid cos it’s Sunnah. May Allah Paak bless you 4ever in both worlds.

  4. Boris Miedeck (Cardiff, UK)

    السلام عليك I use it every evening before going to bed. It helps with my eyesight. I am short-sighted and my eyes feel sometimes tired. كحل إثمد refreshes and cleanses them. جزاك الله خيرا

  5. Umm M (London, UK)

    Al-Hamdu Lillaah, I suffered from ‘dry eyes’ for a few months, I started using this kohl hoping that it will help it and all Praise and thanks be to Allaah it worked.

  6. Musa Hoosain (NY, USA)

    I really really like this kohl. From what is describe of kohl, this really feels like the real one. However, I’ve watched a few videos and talked with some friends about kohl. Yet, I think I’m not putting it on correctly cuz it gets really watery in my eyes then comes out like tears. PLEASE, can you show me how to do it correct. Either by description or video. JazakAllahu Khairan in advance

  7. A Sister (Birmingham, UK)

    Arrived very quickly. Looks good, feels good, and I’m very happy about the “lead free” aspect alhamdulillah.

  8. AAA (Des Plaines, IL USA)

    This is the best ithmid I had ever used. I have been in the habit of using ithmid for many years as it is the sunnah of the Holy Prophet sallaAllahu alayhi wasallam. Alhamdulillah, the delivery was fast. I love its pure grey color, and alhamdulillah, it’s very soothing for my eyes. Apply it before sleeping, and see the results yourself.

  9. Ayesha (UK)

    Subhanallah! It’s straightforward amazing result for all itchy and burning eyes. Its definitely cure for eye diseases because its Sunnah

  10. Nadia (UK)

    After years of using probably really harmful eyeliners/khols, I was overjoyed to find ithmid in your online shop. Although I never questioned the honesty of the owners of HMW, I can’t lie and say I didn’t question the integrity of the product sometimes. So I was really impressed when you had the ithmid lab tested to ensure it meets health and safety regulations. I’m so, so happy it does! Al hamdulillah, I can’t wait to order some more for myself as well as my family, insha Allah. Barak Allahu feekum.

  11. Um Khaalid (UK)

    Used Ithmid before and this is by far the best one and i believe it to be pure! My eyes didnt sting 🙂 Please re-stock soon as I would like to gift it to a sister. JazakAllah Khair!

  12. Asad (VA USA)

    It is hard to find ithmid in the states.May Allah bless you brothers and sisters

  13. Mahasi (Florida, USA)

    Jazakom Allah khair. Shipping was on time, the Kohl is authentic, pure, genuine Ithmid. The ones I have been buying before from overseas(muslim countries) have all been fake. Glad to have found an honest business, walhamdoulillah

  14. Umer (Bedfordshire,UK)

    Fine kohl I have ever used, delivery was fast and free, very confortable to wear especially at night. It could get abit embarassing for men in the UK, due to the ignorance of the Deen, but since its the sunnah of the prophet so who cares of the people, and also when you the read the Benefits in Tibe-e-nabawi, you cant help.

  15. Naz (UK)

    Absolutely amazing product, mashallah within days you feel your eyes are shinnier in colour and feel more relaxed. You do feel a slight sensation in the eyes when applied but goes away.

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