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To Revive Authentic Remedies From Sunnah
Authentic Remedies from the Sunnah
Established 2006
Remedies from the Sunnah and Health Workshops
For Sisters Only
Hijama Training Workshops
For Sisters Only
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a trusted and respected award

1st UK Website

to revive authentic Remedies from the Sunnah

Up to 20% Discount

on multiple buys (exceptions apply)

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Best Quality Hijama/Cupping Cups

found on the market since we began in 2006

Wholesale Hijama/Cupping Cups

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Product Quality & Authenticity Testing

We lab test some of our products to check for quality and authenticity

What do we offer?

Remedies from the Sunnah Products

Authentic. Quality. Value.

Hijama Training Workshops

for sisters (in person and online)

Remedies from the Sunnah and Health Workshops

for sisters (online)

Sunnah Days for Fasting & Hijama Rabee Al-Awwal 1445

The Sunnah Days* for fasting for Rajab

*the scholars have differed about the permissibility of fasting voluntary fasts on Saturdays

The Sunnah Days** for hijama for Rajab

**the scholars have differed about the permissibility of hijama on Wednesdays (Friday, Saturday & Sunday being disliked for hijama)

🌙 These dates are according to the sighting of the new moon with the naked eye and are not according to the calculated Islamic calendar. Therefore they may sometimes differ from the calculated dates.

Hijama Training Workshop
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Health & Remedies from the Sunnah Workshop

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