Cupping (Hijama) Courses

Intensive two day cupping (hijama) training workshops for sisters only

The workshops are about 10 hours long. The theory will be run online on a Saturday and Sunday mornings inshaAllah. The practical will run on Monday, Tuesday or Thursday at a clinic in East London inshaAllah.

We will also be offering other remedies from the Sunnah inshaAllah.
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JazakaAllah khair.

JazakAllah Khair...

Online (Theory)

East London (Practical)


Bookings: to book a place for our cupping (hijama) training workshop, please book online by purchasing your pack from our ‘Training Shop’:

Cupping Courses

The prices for the packs are the only fees required. You will receive your theory pack in the post and the practical pack at the workshop inshaAllah.

 Please arrive promptly

Please bring your receipt for the pack with you to the workshop.

Please wear a lose-neck or wide-neck top so the top of the back can be easily accessed as this is where the cupping (hijama) will be performed inshAllah.

Please drink plenty of fluids the day before the practical and have a healthy breakfast before attending the practical inshaAllah. Dates and water will be provided for sisters inshaAllah. Sisters can bring water and light, healthy snacks. Wet cupping (hijama) is best performed on an empty stomach so fasting is recommended for the practical inshaAllah.

        Each sister who participates in the practical will practise dry, massage and wet cupping and will also have dry, massage and wet cupping perfomed on her. If a sister only wants to practise cupping (without it being performed on her) or only wants to have it performed on her (without practising it) she will still require her own pack for the practical. This will enable us to be able to cover our overheads and continue to offer the workshops inshaAllah. Alhamdulillah we have been running the workshops since 2007.


cupping therapy box set with chrome coated suction pump for dry and massage cupping

cupping therapy plastic cup for wet cupping

cupping therapy plastic suction pump for wet cupping

Cupping (Hijama) Information Pack

‘Cupping – The Great Missing Therapy’ by Dr. Sahbaa M.Bondok
‘Cupping – A Practice Of The Prophet r and A Miraculous Way Of Treatment’ by Shihab Al-Badry Yasin

‘Al-Hijama ‘Alaaj Nabawee’ by Mustafa Mohammed Imam

white vinegar

hydrogen peroxide

black seed oil

organic olive oil


 50lancet needles

 50 blades

 all disposable materials required for wet cupping

bottled water

organic raw honey

Qist powder and honey

 clinical waste bag

 sharps box

berny dates

 note pad


marker pen


certificate of completion

Sisters will keep and take home all the above materials except for the plastic cup for

wet cupping and all disposable materials required for wet cupping as these will become contaminated with blood and therefore must be safely disposed of at the end of the session inshaAllah.


part 1 introduction to dry, massage and wet cupping

part 2 sisters purchase their packs with the theory info pack, water, dates etc

part 3 the theory

part 4 questions and answers

part 5 remedies from the Sunnah

part 6 demonstration of dry, massage and wet cupping

part 7 practical (sisters participating in the practical will get into partners and practise dry and massage cupping on each other, the instructor will perform wet cupping on each sister participating in the practical, then if both partners are happy the instructor will supervise

 each sister practise wet cupping on her partner inshAllah

 part 8 sisters are able to purchase remedies from the Sunnah and cupping (hijama) materials from our Sunnah shop

Certificates: Health Means Wealth Certificates of Participation (completion) will only be available to sisters who attend and participate in the practical. Please kindly note these certificates are not a qualification nor certificates of competence. Rather, they are proof that the sister has attended the workshop and participated in the practical. All sisters who attend and participate in the practical will be receive a certificate

Please kindly note that although our workshops are thorough and sisters will be able to practise cupping (hijama) on family and friends inshaAllah, by participating in the workshop, it does not necessarily allow sisters to offer cupping (hijama) on a professional, qualified level. We recommend sisters to take further professional training if they wish to offer cupping (hijama) as a qualified therapist.          

  Wet Cupping is best performed on an empty stomach. If you wish to participate in the practical, please kindly eat a healthy breakfast before attending the workshop. There are berny dates and bottled water provided in the packs for participants to have during the workshop. InshAllah the practical should begin approximately 4/5 hours into the workshop. Sisters are kindly requested to arrive on time, to wear a top with a loose or wide neck or buttons as the cupping will be performed at the top of the back/bottom of the neck inshaAllah. Sisters that are not participating in the practical or are pregnant or do not wish to have cupping/hijama performed on them are recommended to bring healthy snacks to eat at the workshops. There are no lunch breaks. There will be breaks for the salat/prayer inshaAllah.


Sisters must be 18 years or older to participate in the workshops. 

Those participating in the practical do so at their OWN responsibility, no responsibility will be taken by the course

 organisers or the venue owners.


Strictly no children allowed for safety reasons. Breastfeeding babies that are not mobile may attend with the prior permission of the



If you have a shop, stall etc near our workshop venues and would like to sell our products, please kindly contact us on 07897 799691  (sisters only, whatsapp only) before the workshops commence inshAllah.

We pray you find this information helpful. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries, comments or feedback.

020 8660 2792 (Surrey office) 

07808 275444 (mobile, general and order enquiries)

07897 799691 (mobile, sisters only, whatsapp only) 

[email protected] 

JazakaAllah khair for your support. 

The Messenger (peace and blessings be upon him)  said, “Whoever revives a
Sunnah from my Sunnah and the people practise it, will have the same reward of those who practise it without their reward diminishing…”
[Sunan ibn Maajah (209)]