Health and Remedies from the Sunnah Workshop

Remedies from the Sunnah

Venue: Online


Bookings: to book a place for our Health and Remedies from the Sunnah Workshop, please kindly purchase a ticket from this page (above), print your receipt and bring it with you and text us 07897 799691 (sisters only) with the following information:

your full name

your email address 

the venue where you wish to attend the workshop

reference: RFSW 

you will receive a text message from us;


to confirm your place once we receive your text inshAllah. 

Refreshments not included. Please bring water and light healthy snacks

Strictly no children allowed. Breastfeeding babies that are not mobile may attend with the prior permission of

 the organisers. 

 Topics to be covered inshaa Allah

  Correct Intention

2 conditions for good deeds to be accepted

Following the Quran and Sunnah upon the understanding of the companions

Good manners

Allah is the Curer


The Quran is a cure

Health is a blessing from Allah

For every disease Allah sent down a cure

Eating healthily is from the Sunnah




8 reasons that cause disease

Prevention is better than cure

Remedies from the Sunnah

Q and A  

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07897 799691 (mobile, sisters only) 

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JazakAllah khair for your support.

The Messenger r  said, “Whoever revives a
Sunnah from my Sunnah and the people practise it, will have the same reward of those who practise it without their reward diminishing…”
[Sunan ibn Maajah (209)]