Allah is the Curer
As Muslims, it is very important to have the correct belief in Allah. He is the One who cures us when we are sick. It is also from the Sunnah to seek and take the remedy.
Cupping (Hijama)



Abu Hurairah t reported that the Messenger r said,  "Whoever does not thank the people does not thank Allah." [Sunan abi Dawud (2/290), Saheeha (416)]. We would like to thank all the brothers and sisters who have left testimonials. JazahumAllah khairan for their time and support which are greatly appreciated.

"May Allah reward you immensely sister. That is a VERY useful link you sent me, as I have never been sure where the points are for cupping."

Aneela, ('Where To Cup' link). 

"My family and relatives are all benefiting from cupping. Thanking you. JazakAllah khair."

Shirin, Ruislip, (Cupping Set, 6 Cups, 'Cupping Therapy, The Ancient Art Of Healing' by Dr Sahbaa Bondok).

"Assalam Aleykoum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.Mashallah, I found your website very helpful and full of useful information. May Allah reward you greatly and make a way out for you to continue your good work. Ameen."

Yasmine, (Cupping Points).

"Assalamu Alaikum, Thank you very much for your reply. Your answer was vey detailed and will be most useful. May Allah reward you for helping others."

T.S., (Cupping Therapist Directory).

"Assalam O Alaikum wa Rehmatullahay wa barakatuh; JazakAllah Alkhair for the wonderful info. I am overwhelmed. Thanks so much. It is so very helpful and so very heartening to know that the Sunnah of RasulAllah r is being revived in so many parts of the world. RasulAllah r was indeed a mercy and blessing for mankind. May you and your family and everyone who loves rasulAllah r be blessed in this world and the next InshaAllah!"

Mahnur, (International Cupping Courses).

"Many thanks for your info it's very helpful."

Nora (Sunnah Days Newsletter). 

"Alhamdulilah I did receive them and they are amazing (even though im not sure how to use them yet). May Allah (swt) bless you for the good you are enabling others to do."

Aisha, USA, (Cupping Set, 6 Cup). 

"Jzk so much for sending me that. I am really happy that you got it for me. It will defintely come to good use."

Lynne, (Cupping Points).

"Jazakumullah khair for all your useful information."

Federica, (Cupping Points).

"Assalumu alaikum, JazakAllah khair for the quick delivery, Alhamdulillah, I got the delivery yesterday, everything is all right. It gives me a real pleasure to have this set at hand, again lots of thanks for providing me support and quick responses. Hijama has been very useful to us, now I got this set it's really a great advantage. Allah bless you all for sharing this great cupping sunnah for us to benefit. Praying for all of you and may Allah bless you all. JazakAllah Khair, incha Allah we will deal again. I am fully satisfied to have dealt with you."

Nadeem, Mauritius, (Cupping Set, 12 Cup).

"Thanks you very much, sir, jazakallah.  The information is very useful." 

Faris, (Cupping Points). 

"I attended your London workshop, mashaAllah it was very beneficial."

Nirmeen, (Cupping Workshop).

"As salaam wa laikum no questions right now this website is beautiful barakaAllahufeekum."

Abu Abdul-Karim.

"Jazakallah khair, Your information is much appreciated."

Sadiq (Cupping Questions).

"Assalam, jazakallah khair, you have been very helpful,and may Allah reward you for your great efforts of helping His creation in need, may Allah bless you with what no eyes have seen nor what ears have heard, ameen."

Shazi, Birmingham, (Cupping Therapist Directory).

"JazaakAllah Khairan for all you e-mails.  May Allah reward you in abundance for your effort and kindness. The e-mails you have sent me have been very useful and I will look into them further."

Fatima, Manchester (Cupping Questions).

"JazakiAllaah khayrun, your time and efforts are greatly appreciated, may Allaah reward you abundantly in this life and the next, ameen."

Umm Husamuddin, Manchester (Honey).

"Salamu Alaykum, Jazak Allah khairan for your reply and clear answer from your expert. It encourages me to continuing hijama practice."

Kamila, (Cupping Questions).

"You guys are mashallah doing a great job, may Allah reward you all for your efforts (ameen)."

Ashraf, East London, (Cupping Therapist Directory).

"aslaam alaikum. I've just across your website and mashallah i must congratulate you on a superb effort, may Allah swt bless your efforts and shower you with His Mercy."

Mariam, Birmingham, (Cupping Therapist Directory). 

"Thank you for your help and for your wonderful website."

Lubica, London.

"Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatahu, Excellent site mashaAllah. I pray Allah rewards you all, ameen."


"May Allah (swt) reward you for your sincere efforts.  I will be using your services regularly InshAllah."

Umar, Burnley, (Cupping Set, 6 Cup, Surgical Blades).

"Just wanted to leave some feedback from the cupping workshop I attended in Slough. I was a little apprehensive before I attended, but mashaa'Allaah the sister was very knowledgeable about the topic and very patient. As a nurse myself, I had great reservations about the safety and hygiene aspects, and had a list of questions ready to fire..but mashaa'Allaah I was most impressed by the level of professionalism displayed, and the measures used to ensure high standards of safety and hygiene. The balance of theory and practical was just right, and the whole session was just exciting. The 'remedies from the sunnah' such as dates and honey, were a lovely addition to the session and a beautiful reminder about the virtues of reviving the sunnah. My only regret is that I didnt bring enough money with me to purchase the products! A big jazaak'Allaahu khayraan to the sisters for their efforts and patience - especially considering one was heavily pregnant at the time! Also, just to say I loved the Hijaama article in 'Sisters' (I too write for the mag, in the child health column). Jazaak'Allaahu khayraan again. Your Sister in Deen."

Nurse Saadia, Slough, (Cupping Workshop, Slough).

"Jazakillah khairun May Allah reward you inshaallah ameen very helpful mashaallah."

Umm Saalih, (Cupping Points).

"Alhamdulilaah I really enjoyed the workshop, it was very interesting and beneficial. I must point out that I respected the fact that you controlled the workshop so well in order to get things done quickly and that there was no time wasting, you controlled the workshop by limiting questions to the end which meant there was no interruption whilst you were speaking."

Raadiyah, (Cupping Workshop, Ilford and Willesden)

"I would like to bring to your attention that the course which took place in Ilford was brilliant! There is no complaint from me and I gained much more than what I anticipated. Again Jazakhallah Khair for giving us the opportunity to attend such a course."

Amina, (Cupping Workshop, Ilford).

"We are truly grateful for the course."

Shemila, Slough, (Cupping Workshop, Slough).

"Assalamualaykum, the course was excellent, jazakallahukhairan."

Dr Humaira GP, (Cupping Workshop, Ilford).

"JazakAllah khair to the sisters who organised and held the Bedford workshop. AlhamdIlah the course content, practical and theory was to a very high standard."

Fatima, Manchester (Cupping Workshop, Bedford).

"The service you provide is beautiful masha'Allah may Allah bless you for
your efforts and may the products provide shifaa for all of your customers. Ameen."

Saima, Bradford, (Dates, Kohl Ithmid, Talbina, Honey).

""Just a quick note to say thank you for the excellent session in Ilford. Thought the whole session was well planned and informative and your patience was fantastic."

Nazima, (Cupping workshop, Ilford).

"Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullaah. Just to say jazakumullaahu khairan for the workshop. It was very beneficial and interesting. May Allaah reward you and all those who help to revive this sunnah. And all Praise be to Allaah, who has made this a means of benefit and cure, by His Permission."

Mahirah, (Cupping Workshop, Slough).

"Jazakallaah khairn for the workshop in Cranford, may Allaah reward you
for reviving this blessed sunnah and teaching us sisters!"

Umm Rumaysa, Cranford, (Cupping Workshop, Cranford).

 "Salem oualikum I would like to thank the sisters  who came to Cranford. The class was really helpful mashallah."

Sister,  (Cupping Workshop, Cranford).

"Salem oualikoum thanks very much for your reply may Allah reward you inchallah jazzak allah Kheiran for the support you are giving us, Salem wa Rahmatullah."  

Sanaa, (Cupping Workshop, Cranford, Cupping Points).

"I would like to thank the teacher for all that she has done so jazakey ALLAH khayran."

Lana, Birmingham, (Cupping Workshop, Birmingham).

"Asalam walacome, Baracarlarfick, for a GREAT workshop, Insha Allah it will inspire a lot of people and revive the Sunna. Asalam walacome."

Khadija, (Cupping Workshop).

"I attended the workshop in Cranford.  Alhamdulillah it was very  beneficial."

F.Rasul, (Cupping Workshop, Cranford).

"JazakAllah khair, very useful list many thanks."

Asiya, (Cupping Therapist Directory).

"Jazak Allah Khair dear sisters for a brilliant Hijama workshop. It was clear, very informative, very well organised, and included a very useful and easy to follow practical. This is all backed up by a comprehensive online shop, so that future supplies will be guaranteed. May Allah (swt) reward you abundantly both in this life and the achera for reviving this sunnah. Amen."

Rashida, Westoning, (Cupping Workshop, Bedford).

"May Allah's blessings be with healthmeanswealth and the entire staff. Ameen."

Nadia, USA. 

"Jazakhallah for the course you did in Leicester.  I found it very informative and very well presented. I learnt a lot of new techniques and am very glad I attended. Jazakhallah sister for sharing your knowledge with us. May Allah reward you immensely."  

Hafsa, Leicester, (Cupping Workshop, Leicester).

"Just want to say jazakallah love the health means wealth hadith keep them coming pleaseeeeeee.. may Allah grant you janatul firdaus .. ameen."


"Jazakallah khair for the workshop in Sheffield.  It was very well delivered mashallah and thoroughly enjoyed by all sisters who attended. We all benefited so much from this knowledge.  May Allah swt help us all to strive and keep this sunnah an important part of our lives amin."

Umm Kareema, Sheffield, (Cupping Workshop, Sheffield). 

"Jazakallahkheir for the brilliant hijama workshop that you both so wonderfully presented. I throughly enjoyed it and found it extremely interesting. May Allah reward you both for your efforts and for reviving a
sunnah and passing it on to the ummah. Well I thought you both did a great job, really you made it clear and easy to understand for us all, it was not rushed but rather it was done at a good pace."

Aisha, (Cupping Workshop, Reading).

"Walikum asalam wr wb, jazakallah khair so much. I will be sure to give your link out inshaALLAH. May Allah reward you for making it easy to buy this product I have searched for ages. And May Allah reward you for reviving the sunnah."

Umm Ismail, (Cupping Therapy Set, 24 Cup).

"Firstly alhumdulilah overall i think it was EXCELLENT.  The sister was very clear and thorough in her theory introduction, the packs with the book and equipment were also good. It was well organised."

Dr Imrana GP, (Cupping Workshop, Ilford).

"I just want to say jazakallahu khayr for you time and efforts, may Allah aza wa jal reward you immensely in both worlds ameen."

Rizwana, Bradford  (Cupping Workshop, Bradford).

"I attended the cupping workshop in Manchester. It was far better than I
could have imagined, and the sister was very patient with us and very professional mashallah, everyone really enjoyed the workshop, just wanted to say jazakal khair, so many people will benefit from this inshallah."

Tabassum, Manchester, (Cupping Workshop, Manchester).

"Alhamdollilah we have both benefitted from the hijamah.  My mother is sleeping much better since the hijamah and inshallah is benefiting from it. May Allaah grant you and your organisation much reward for the efforts you are making to rivive his sunnah ameen."

Sameena, Bradford, (Cupping Workshop, Bradford).

"Jazak'allah khair, alhumdolillah, masha'Allah it was very good. I think most of us if not all enjoyed it."

Shazia, (Cupping Workshop, Birmingham).

"I wish to express to you my sincerest appreciation for the workshop I attended; I have been wanting to learn this Sunnah remedy for YEARS! MashaAllaah sister, your class was so concise and detailed, yet at the same time easy to follow because of your teaching methods, mashaAllaah.  JazakiAllaah khayrun ukhti, for you have helped me so much, it really means a lot to me.  JazakiAllaah khayrun for the invaluable lesson, for your time, for the useful notes, for sharing your knowledge, for your patience."

Umm Husamuddin, Manchester, (Cupping Workshop, Manchester).

"Maasha Allah. Excellent Service."

Mohamed Ihsanullah.

"Salaam Aleikum. Thank you for the service and all products are OK. JazakAllah khair!"


"Alhamdulillah I was very happy with the service, the delivery was very quick and I would be happy to recommend them."

Umm Yusuf.

"Very flexible and efficient service. Would definitely order again if I needed another cupping set."

Naveed, Croydon, (Cupping Therapy Set, 6 Cup).

"Assalama alaikum, I'm very postive about Health Means Wealth. They have good material, good service, are very friendly and deliver on time. May Allaah reward them much - Ameen."

Amal, Belguim, (Cupping Therapy Sets, 12 Cup).

"Very quick service."

Nedex, Netherlands, (Cupping Therapy Set, 6 Cup).

"MashAllah. The cupping set was excellent. Infact, inshAllah I will be ordering another. I bought it for myself and my family but now all the brothers in the area are reaping the benefit from it. AlhmamdulilLah! May Allaah reward you for reviving this great Sunnah. Allah Akbar."

Abu Uzair.

"Jazakom Allah khair for your reviving the Sunnah."

Mohammed Ragaa, Lancashire, (Cupping Therapy Set, 12 Cup).

"Masha Allah. Good cupping set. Good communication. Delivered promptly. Customer service can't be any better. Jazak Allahu khairan wa salamu alaikum."

Shahien Miah, London, (Cupping Therapy Set, 12 Cup).

"MashAllah very friendly and helpful staff, effective service, very encouraging for beginners. May Allah help HealthMeansWealth shine bright."

Mumtaz, London, (Single Cups).

"AlhumdoliLlah. Very good products and good delivery times. Personalised communication makes service more enjoyable too. Keep up the good work and may Allah SWT flourish your business."

Saadia, Southall, (Cupping Therapy Set, 12 Cup, Talbina).

"Highly recommended, simple & easy to use cupping set, with full instructions, a must for every family or individual. May Allah bless those who have enabled us to practise this Sunnah !!"

Abu Mustakeem.

"Great service, good products and great for HealthMeansWealth to revive the Sunnah."

Abu Zaynab.

MashaAllah, may Allah bless all those involved in reviving this very important and beneficial Sunnah of our beloved Prophet r. A good product and speedy service mashaAllah."

Umm Adam.

"JazzakAllah khairen for making part of the Prophet's r Sunnah and mercy available to us, good product, simple to use."

Umm Zakariya.

"Excellent workshop in Birmingham mashAllah tabarakAllah."

Sister, Birmingham, (Cupping Workshop, Birmingham).

"Highly recommended."

Bilal Brown, Greater Manchester, (Cupping Therapy Set, 12 Cup).

"The people of Sunnah, love to see the authentic Sunnah spread throughout the world. MashaAllah the service was very quick and the product is good. May Allah reward all those involved with good in this life and in the Hereafter."

Zahoor Yousaf, Slough, (Cupping Therapy Set, 6 Cup).

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JazakAllah khair.


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